Wild About Work Basics

I have been helping people create careers that energize and inspire them since 2001. over that time, it has become infinitely clear that getting Wild About Work is about more than just finding a job that lights you up (though that’s a big part of it!).

The framework below summarizes the primary pieces of the puzzle. I think of it as an ecosystem for getting Wild About Work, with pieces that both influence and support each other.

Wild About Work model

There are five main components to the model. Getting Wild About Work entails:

  1. Energized work.
  2. Bringing your heart to work.
  3. Creating a stable foundation of well-being to stand on
  4. Tapping into multiple support systems
  5. Recognizing that work and life are interconnected

1. Energized work

This is about doing work that lights you up. It includes finding a sense of meaning. It encompasses energy management – maximizing the gains and minimizing the drains. It contains the success factors that help you create it, and the work you do to navigate around the obstacles in your way.

2. Bringing your heart to work

This is as much attitude as it is action. It’s about love and compassion, both for yourself and for others. It’s openness and a willingness to connect. It’s what brings your full humanity into the picture.

3. Creating a stable foundation of well-being 

There are some things that are woven into the fabric of your well-being. When your life incorporates them, it helps create a solid foundation to stand on. When they’re missing, things start to get a bit wobbly. These are a healthy diet, staying well-hydrated, connection with others, a grounding practice of some sort, exercise, and sleep.

4. Support systems

You won’t do this alone. Don’t even try. Make a conscious effort to develop a wide range of support systems, like emotional support, professional development support, expertise support, inspiration support, and more.

5. Life/Work interconnection

Your work life doesn’t exist in a silo. What happens in each part of your life has an impact on how you experience the others.  The more energized you are in 360 degrees, the more space you will have to experience all the juice your job has to offer.