What is your 10-year vision?


If you somehow magically knew that ten years from today you were going to breathe your last breath, how would you spend that decade? What legacy would you want to create? What would feel like a deeply worthwhile focus for those remaining years?

I think a lot about the idea of having a 10-year vision. One of the things I love about it is that it’s a relatively small period of time (compared to trying to figure out something like a “life purpose” for the whole shebang), yet big enough to have some real substance.

This blog is part of mine.

This next decade of my work (and quite possibly the rest of my career) is focused on helping people live energized, impactful, heart-based lives.

If I could look back at the end and can say, “I made that impact,” I can’t say I would be ready to go when my time was up, but I would be deeply satisfied with how I put my last years to use.

If your goal were to look back in ten years and be deeply satisfied with the outcome, what would your focus be during that time?

Benefits of a 10-year vision

“OK,” you might be thinking, “that’s nice. But what’s the point? Why should I put time into figuring out a 10-year vision?”

Here are a few of the benefits:

Focus: Your 10-year vision gives you a focus and frame of reference for the choices you make and the actions you take. You can ask, “How does this choice or this action move me toward that vision? What are some things I can do to move toward that vision?

It also helps put things in the context of the big picture objective. Say you want to change careers to pursue a path that aligns more closely with the legacy you want to leave in the world, but you’re not able to immediately. You might stay in your current job for the next couple years, but its role would change.

Instead of being a place where you feel mired and stuck, your current job could become a springboard for what’s next. Say you decided to stay put for two more years, taking steps towards your new path in parallel. Instead of a place to feel frustrated and stuck, you could see your current job in light of the way it is enabling you to take those steps. Even if it has nothing to do with your vision, the current job then becomes work in service of that vision.

Purpose: A 10-year vision gives you a defined sense of purpose. It puts everything in the context of something you care about deeply.

Purpose is motivating. Purpose is inspiring. And purpose helps you get through the bumpy parts (and trust me, there will be bumps!). As Nietzsche said, “He who has a Why to live can bear almost any How.” A 10-year vision gives you a why.

Direction: Your 10-year vision gives you direction. It’s like having a landmark across the water you can use to make sure you’re still sailing in the right direction. The wind will probably blow you this direction and that, but you can keep adjusting so that your overall course is aimed at the vision.

Opportunity recognition: A 10-year vision helps you recognize opportunities to move toward it. If you have ever had the experience of buying a car and then suddenly seeing that car everywhere, you’ve experienced something similar. It’s not that those cars suddenly sprang up out of nowhere. It’s that your frame of reference changed.

Your 10-year vision gives you a frame of reference that shines a light on choices, actions, and opportunities that will help you fulfill it.

Coming up next…

Now, if I came up to you at a cocktail party and asked, “So what’s your 10-year vision,” you might look at me like I’m off my nut as you tried to figure out what the hell I’m talking about. It’s not something that typically pops up off the top of your head. Putting your finger on your 10-year vision takes work.

Next week, I’ll be taking a closer look at how to identify your 10-year vision.

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