Passion Catalyst

Founded in 2001, my Passion Catalyst company ( has been the vehicle for my quest to help people create energized, impactful, heart-based careers and lives. There are three main areas of focus:


It all started in 2001 with coaching aimed at helping people create careers that lit them up. That expanded to include a more whole-life perspective as I realized that the energy that people felt at work was impacted by the bigger picture of the rest of their lives. So the question, “How do you live a fully energized life?” came into play.


Somewhere along the line I missed the memo that I’m supposed to fear speaking more than death, as the statistics say. I love speaking, even more so when it’s a chance to share insights on topics related to creating energized, impactful, heart-based careers and lives.


I have written two e-books, The Occupational Adventure Guide, and 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work. The Occupational Adventure Guide takes you step-by-step through the process I developed to help people create and continue work they love.

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