It’s time to get Wild About Work!

Welcome to the Wild About Work! blog, where we’ll take a 360-degree look at the ins and outs and ups and downs of creating a career that lights you up.

As I embark on this adventure, I want to start out with some promises to you.

I promise not to blow sunshine up your wazoo.

I’m not a big fan of any sunshine and daisies approaches to loving your work that feels good to think about, but has little to do with what we actually experience. I plan on staying grounded in the real world – which, not coincidentally, is the start of my next promise…

I promise to stay grounded in the real world;
I also promise to challenge your perception of what the real world actually is!

My goal is to help you move towards a career that energizes and inspires you, one that feels meaningful, impactful, and engaging. I don’t happen to believe that magic fairy dust is a great tool to rely on to get you there.

At the same time, I also don’t happen to believe in the limited version of “reality” many people are convinced is true. I see far too many people selling their potential far too short by what they perceive as “realistic.” So prepare to jettison your false sense of reality!

I promise to let my inner Pollyanna shine through. 

In general, I see the world through an optimistic lens of possibility. If you have an attachment to feeling pessimistic and limited, I suggest you stay far, far away, because this blog will probably annoy you.

I promise to question your limits.

Over the years, I have repeatedly seen impenetrably solid seeming limits simply evaporate. How? Because the perceived solidity was all created in people’s minds. I have seen it with clients, and I have experienced it myself. “Don’t believe everything you think” is a good motto to live by. I plan to keep reminding you in case you (or I) forget.

I promise to focus on solutionizing.

Part of staying grounded in the real world means acknowledging that, yes, if you set out to create a career that energizes and inspires you, you will encounter obstacles. My goal is to help you avoid an obstacle mindset and embrace a “solutionizing” mindset, one that treats the inevitable obstacles we all encounter as the starting point, rather than the end of the line. “OK, there’s that obstacle I knew I would find – now how do I navigate around it?”

I promise to listen.

I sometimes joke that I am so lit up about this topic and its potential to make a positive impact that you could introduce me to a brick wall, ask me a question about it, and I could have a good hour-long conversation.

But I also want to know what you have to say. There is a collective genius in a blog’s readership that goes far beyond what the guy standing up front with the megaphone has to say. I’m excited to make this a collaborative journey, tapping into the wisdom of both your insights and your questions.

I promise not to take it too seriously. 

I’m fond of the line that life is too important to take seriously. I plan to keep this light and fun.

I promise to be real.

One thing that sticks in my craw about the personal development expert set is how little vulnerability many of them show. Inadvertently or intentionally, it creates a having-it-all-together picture of them that those of us mere mortals gripped with the occasional fear and uncertainty can’t measure up to.

After 13 years focused on how to create an energized, impactful, heart-based career and life, I feel comfortable describing myself as an expert in the field. I have learned an incredible amount along the way, and have been blessed to see many people transform their lives as the result of my work.

And here’s the rest of the story. I’m also just another schlep trying to figure my own path out. I get lost and wander off track. I get scared. I get uncertain. I let my inner critic have a field day far more often than I should. And again and again, I find my way back.

So if you ever feel like you don’t have what it takes because you’re running into those kinds of things, think again. All it means is that you’re human, just like the rest of us.

I promise not to make my posts too long. (Oops! Too late.)

OK, I think I may have already inched a toe or so over that line, so I’ll wrap this up here.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! I look forward to exploring where the adventure takes us.


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