How to discover your 10-year vision

10-year vision

In my last post, I talked about the idea of having a 10-year vision. That idea has become a huge part of how I look at the future and where I’m going, as well as the context for what I’m doing now.

As valuable as having a 10-year vision is, putting your finger on your own can be easier said than done to start with. So I want to share some ideas here for how to start helping it take shape.

As you explore this, keep in mind that it’s likely to be more of an evolutionary insight than a lightbulb moment. So really what you’re doing with the exploration below is priming the pump and raising your awareness about what’s important to you.

Once you have that, you can start scanning the horizon, exploring it in conversations with friends and colleagues, or maybe keeping an idea journal to start collecting the possibilities it inspires.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. Below are some questions to help you identify potential elements of your 10-year vision.


  • Who do you feel inspired to help? Are there particular groups or demographics (e.g., at-risk youth, entrepreneurs, single mothers, business managers, companies, etc.)?
  • Who is doing work that inspires you? What is it about that work that feels so compelling?


  • What subject matter do you feel drawn to working with (e.g., careers, leadership, sustainability, software programming, etc.)?
  • What change do you feel compelled to make? What would you like to be different because of the work you do in the next ten years?
  • What causes do you feel drawn to supporting (e.g., eliminating poverty, helping at-risk youth see their potential, rain forest preservation)?


  • Take a look at the answers to the questions above. Why do you feel called to those? What is it about those that inspires you? What is it about them that feel so compelling? What is it about them that feels so meaningful? The more you can understand this, the more you can recognize opportunities to fulfill that.


  • In your ideal world, how would you fulfill the vision? What would you be doing on a day in and day out basis? What would your work look like? What would you find energizing and engaging to do?


  • When can you start taking action? It might be the action (e.g., volunteering in an area you care about, or taking a class, or beginning to network in a particular field) that leads to more clarity and insight about what your 10-year vision could be.


  • Where do you see this vision unfolding? As an employee? If so, with what kind of organization? As a self-employed entrepreneur? If so, are you more called to be a solopreneur or build a business you can scale?

Spend some time with these questions. Give your mind the fodder it needs to start recognizing the possibilities. Journal about them. Have a discussion with friends about them. Actively brainstorm where it could take you. Tuck the insights in the back of your head and let them percolate.

In short, let the questions plant the seeds of awareness and cultivate those insights with both active exploration and letting the dots connect in the back of your mind.

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