Five Friday Favorites: April 11, 2014

Five Friday FavoritesThere is so much great stuff being written out there, I wish I could just take a funnel and pour it all into your heads. But, given the impracticality and infeasibility of that, not to mention the potential restraining orders as I track you down, funnel in hand, I’m going to settle for the next best thing.

I’m starting a weekly feature called Five Friday Favorites. In it I will suggest my…wait for it...five favorite blog posts for the week (bet you didn’t see that coming!). And, because it starts with F and alliteration makes me smile, I’m doing it on Friday.

So let’s get rolling.

5 ways hating your job can ruin your health (according to science)
(OK, this is actually on Huffington Post, but I first read about it on the author’s blog, Chief Happiness Officer, so it counts. So there.)

Give a little. Get a lot. Generosity matters.
from Business Fitness

5 ways to bring yourself more career success and happiness
from Work Happy Now

Trying to find ‘your thing’? Here’s a clue: you’re probably driving everyone around you crazy with it.
from Free Range Humans

How to uncover greater possibilities despite gloomy circumstances
from Shake Off the Grind


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  • Thanks, Curt, for featuring my post on your blog this week. I am grateful for your support and hope my message is helpful to your followers. Best, ~Dawn

  • My pleasure, Dawn. I’m a huge believer in the benefits of coming from a space of giving. I think it’s an important message, and I’m always delighted to help spread it.