About Curt Rosengren

As a coach, author, and speaker, I have built my career around three simple questions:

  1. What lights you up?
  2. What difference do you feel called to make?
  3. And finally, how can you weave those into a thriving career (and life!)?

Through my work as a coach, writer, and speaker, my mission is to help people love their work and change their world in a way that feels personally meaningful to them.

My e-book 101 Ways to Get Wild About Work, blends insights and action steps in 101 bite-sized ideas to help people turn dreams into reality.

My e-book, The Occupational Adventure Guide: A Travel Guide to the Career of Your Dreams, takes you through the step-by-step system I developed to help people navigate the process, providing a simple, effective framework for finding passion.

I have been quoted in newspapers throughout the US, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Canada’s Globe and Mail, and The Seattle Times, and have shared my career passion insights on radio shows across the country.

My first blog, The Occupational Adventure, was chosen by Forbes.com as one of the Best of the Web. For several years I blogged about career passion for U.S. News & World Report.

Prior to discovering my Passion Catalyst work in 2001, I was a “Professional Malcontent.” I was treading water as a self-employed marketing consultant when the dot com implosion happened. The resulting self-unemployment was the spark that led to a wholesale career change.

I am consistently inspired by people who are working to make the world a better place and having an amazing time along the way.

Based in Seattle, I have traveled to thirty-plus countries and lived in five (US, UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland). I speak reasonably fluent Swedish, functionally ugly Spanish, and can read French well enough to get myself into trouble at a French restaurant.


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