7 reasons you should bring your spirituality to work


When I talk about getting Wild About Work, what I’m really talking about is creating an energized, impactful, heart-based career.

One thing you can do that touches all three of those is bring your spirituality to work.

Before I go any farther with this idea, let me be clear about two things.

First, I don’t mean going to work and proselytizing. In fact, in all likelihood nobody will even know that you’re bringing your spirituality to work. This is all an inside job.

Bringing your spirituality to work means using your spiritual perspective as a lens through which you look at everything. It means using it as a guidance system, “If I were in perfect alignment with how I see the world spiritually, what would I do here? How would I behave? What decision would I make?” It means using the events of your workday as a spiritual practice.

Second, I have no idea what spirituality means to you. It might be intimately tied to religion. It could be “spiritual but not religious.” It could even be completely secular, for example, blending your values and a focus on the interconnectedness of life.

When I say bring your spirituality to work, the meaning is inherently broad. Before you read the ideas below, ask yourself, “What does spirituality mean to me? How do I define it? What role does it play in my life?” Then interpret everything accordingly.

The idea of how to bring your spirituality to work merits a post of its own (which I’ll write sometime soon). But for now, to take it out of the abstract, I’ll give a couple examples.

Bringing your spirituality to work might entail cultivating a service mindset, looking for both opportunities to serve and ways you already are. It might involve practicing mindfulness. It might include saying a silent prayer at various times throughout your day. It might be continuously asking the question, “How do I lead with love and compassion” or, “How can I come from love and compassion in this interaction?” Or any one of a bazillion other ways it could show up.

And now, without further ado, here are seven benefits of bringing your spirituality to work.

#1 – It has a grounding effect

One of the big ways we get ourselves out of the Wild About Work zone is jumping on the hamster wheel and running full tilt. We get spun up in our stories and create unnecessary stress for ourselves. Coming back to a spiritual perspective can have a grounding effect, creating more space for the juice to flow.

#2 – You feel more alignment

One of the ways I think of being Wild About Work is like being a pipe, a channel through which the energy of work that lights you up can flow. When we’re out of alignment with what’s fundamentally important to us, the inside of the pipe gets gunked up and the flow of that energy gets blocked.

Bringing your spirituality to work helps you de-gunkify your internal pipeline so you can experience as much of the rich fullness of your work as possible.

#3 – It puts things in perspective

Related to the grounding effect, bringing your spirituality to work puts things in a less constricted context. One of the ways we jump on that hamster wheel is obsessing on me, Me, ME! A spiritual perspective can help you get out of your me story and see things in the context of a greater whole.

#4 – It helps you make better decisions

Jumping out of the spin-cycle that me Me ME creates gives you a broader, more objective perspective. That in turn can help you make better decisions, because you’re in less of a reactive space and more holistic in your outlook.

#5 – You actually get to live it

One of the most fascinating questions I sometimes explore with clients is, “How do you live your faith? (or, your spirituality, or your values)?” There’s a big difference between “what do I believe?” and “how do I live that?”

Most of us spend a big chunk of our waking ours at work. Bringing your spirituality along with you means you actually get to live it, rather than relegating it to the odd pocket of time here are there. Rather than an add-on, your spirituality becomes a framework within which everything else unfolds.

#6 – It provides a vehicle for growth

Let’s face it, no matter how capable you are, things are going to go sideways. You’re going to fail. You’re going to experience conflict. You’re going to show up in ways that aren’t in alignment with the person you want to be.

Bringing your spirituality to work gives you a vehicle to use any experience for growth. One simple question, “How does this help me grow on my path?” can change the meaning you assign any situation.

#7 – It gives you a sense of meaning

Last, but not remotely least, bringing your spirituality to work weaves a sense of meaning into the fabric of your day. It gives you a way to experience your day to day work in the context of something greater than yourself. It uses your day-to-day work as a means of connection with something greater than yourself (however you perceive that). It creates a way for you to feel like an instrument of something greater, rather than just a random cog.

Bringing your spirituality to work can help you take a more grounded and expansive view. It creates more space to fully experience what energizes you. And it carries with it an inherent sense of meaning.

If your goal is to create an energized, impactful, heart-based career, that sounds like a pretty valuable addition to the mix!

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