5 types of support you need to get Wild About Work

If you want to create work you love, do not, do not, do not fall prey to the notion that you can do it all yourself! That’s a great way to both fail and have a really sucky, insecure, fear-filled time in the process.

When I first started my Passion Catalyst coaching work back in 2001, I was making a change from a past life as a marketing guy. While I was a natural coach (I literally put a framework around what I did naturally), I wasn’t a career expert.

To start developing a knowledge base, I interviewed dozens of people who had successfully pursued their passions in their careers to learn from their success.

It was a fascinating project. One of the biggest themes I saw was this: “I couldn’t have done it alone.” Almost every single person I talked to echoed some variation of that theme.

Today’s video reflects that basic truth that getting Wild About Work is NOT a solo sport.

In the video, I dive (with my customary perfect imperfection) into five key areas to seek out support:

Emotional support: Guess what? You’re human! This ride is going to be a lot less bumpy and a lot more effective if you consciously seek out emotional support along the way.

Professional support: Seeking out mentors can play a huge role in creating a career you love. There is no shortage of people who have been there, done that – why not tap into their insights?

Clarity support: Whether it is a coach like me or a friend who has a gift for helping you sort through things, having someone in your life to help you get clarity can help you minimize the time you spend spinning your wheels, help you stop getting in your own way, and find focus so you can take action and get traction.

Inspiration support: Surrounding yourself by people who inspire and energize you can be .a source of fuel you can put into your success.

Role model support: This is related to the previous one. You become the people you spend most of your time with – make who you become a conscious decision by spending time with people who embody the qualities you want to develop.

As you can see, this video was another step in my path of perfect imperfection (taking action and doing something, rather than dithering with perfectionizing and doing nothing). The white noise of the waterfall is stronger than I would like. Time to get a remote mic, I think.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Brought to you by Curt Rosengren, Passion Catalyst TM

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